Best Shop Playing Card Machine SmoothSayer in Delhi India by which player will know the report of number with in one second and he will win the game.
Playing Cards Smoothsayer Machine



A device called Playing Cards Machine Smoothsayer in India is getting famous because its good result. The Playing card Smoothsayer machine can report the number and suit of each playing card within a second, by this user can know the number and suit of the playing card and accordingly voice is received by Smoothsayer. Playing Card Machine Smoothsayer in Delhi can report the result from top to end.

Specification :

  • All playing games are supported by Playing Card Machine Smoothsayer in India.
  • Your own mobile phone can also used.
  • A group with many kinds of program, used for all poker games.
  • A Poker Smoothsayer is easy in its use because of few portable multi brand batteries are used that can prevent you from sudden power failure.
  • Fast Speed, Single Operation, Reporting Voice Automatically.
  • Hidden Headphones are used to receive automatic reporting.
  • No need to put the poker in neatness, or focus, direction.

  • Working Procedure :

  • Put your earphone and set the suitable position of receiver.
  • Set the number of players in 2nd Single Operation Poke Automatic Analyzer and then put it in your pocket.
  • Place your mobile phone hidden lens at exact position and if it happens then report will come through earphone when it finishes analyzing.


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