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Soft Contact Lens



In poker soft contact lenses or prospective glasses are used. With the help of these contact lenses the user can see the number and the suit before playing and other cannot. This is possible only when in cards invisible inks is used. There is particular specification mark on the backside of cards that can be see by using Soft Contact lens in Delhi. Soft contact lens prices can vary according to different countries and companies. These cards are of real luminous technology. In all over the world, it is unique and can be marked on any colours of card are far better than Cheating Juice Shadow Cards that is sold by other websites..

Specification :

  • It works on the principle White Light.
  • Good present for your friends
  • Clearly visible mark on the cards with soft contact lens
  • Supports all poker games: Blackjack, Mau Mau, Omaha Poker, Bull, Texas poker
  • Poke can be used as magic tool and normal playing cards
  • Marks cannot be seeing by the naked eyes but high quality of marked cards can be see in various light


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